Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When I'm upset I bake... or clean...

So I had a pretty bad day today.  Call it the winter break blues... or whatever, but really I could have given two cents about anyone in particular today.

Yesterday I found a pinned recipe for Paula Deen's Angel Biscuits.  I've been wanting to try a simple biscuit recipe and thought what could be more therapeutic than beating the crap out of some dough.  It's better than the alternative...  Here was this link: Nate Burkus Show

I picked up Jasmine, excused myself from reality, went home and started making some good 'ol southern baking.  To preface a little, I have made biscuits before.  They actually made better dog treats than biscuits.  I think my ex even used one to hammer a nail into a wall once.  I can say will all honesty... if I ever made biscuits from scratch that we edible... they were bought in a tube.  I even found a way to mess up bisquick biscuits. So to say that I was ok with not "winning" on this one tonight was a pretty accurate description.  It was more about kneading the dough and working out the aggression.

Also, if you haven't noticed by know I'm not the keenest person on when to "take" my photo shots - somewhere in the middle of beating the crap out of the dough I thought, "Crud... now I have to go wash my hands."  So there is a lack of pics on this one... but here's what i did take:

Jasmine looked at this picture and said, "mom that's not an angel biscuit, it's a skeleton biscuit!"  Aye yi yi...

And man.... were they goooood.  I also picked up a pretty decent gravy recipe using only chicken stock instead of the drippings.  These got dunked into that several times we'll just say.

Ok ok ok   so now onto the bundt cakes!  OMG they were so good.  So the back story:

A friend of mine's husband apparently loves bundt cakes.  I found this out when he fixed one of my co-workers computers and she paid him with an Anything Bundt Cake.  He devoured it.  He had been saying that he would fix my dinosaur of a computer for me - but to haul all 150 lbs of it to his house made it a "bottom of the list" kind of job.  So one day, I took over the CPU... the next I took the monitor... the next he fixed it.  So to repay him I made a mini bundt cake.  Mind you i have never tried to cook one before - and rather than screw up a huge one, I went to Joanne's and purchased a 4 cake tray of bundt cakes.  I scouresd the web looking for a recipe that I already had ingredients for and found this: Jolts and Jollies  Peanut Butter Bundt Cake with Chocolate Ganache?  Seriously, who wouldn't love that?  And since I had a huge fail with my peanut brittle I had some that I could used to top my ganache instead of butterfingers....  sweet biscuits!

I was so pleased with how they turned out:

All dolled up!

Yeah...  that didn't suck.

Needless to say that they were a hit.  We couldn't even wait 5 minutes before devouring one...  And my friends husband was happy to have 2 bundts in a year. :)

Crafty things completed are up for tomorrow's post!

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