Friday, December 28, 2012

Marshmallow Fluff Craze

Jasmine is obsessed with marshmallow fluff. On my mom's death-iversary I had an inkling for a fluffer nutter. So I made us both one. And without knowing it, I killed the PB &J from ever entering my daughters mouth again. Fluff fluff fluff.

So of course I had to search Pinterest for a recipe for marshmallow fluff. And bingo!

And today... We experimented. Of course I don't have a stand mixer, so we just used our electric mixer but here's how it all went down:

Egg whites and sugar whipped to peaks

Sugar/corn syrup to soft ball stage

Mix the two together and beat beat beat 

Starting to firm up!

What mom wouldn't let her daughter be the guinea pig?  She's lucky I stopped the beaters really...

It's more creamy than I thought it'd be.  But.... it's still warm...

Canned and ready to!!!

Easiest recipe I've done on Pinterest for what it yielded. Now we wait and see if it holds. :-)

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