Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A late night post...

So today was better than yesterday, but still not great.  I had a long talk with my old boss which was way overdue and very reassuring by the end of the conversation.  The work day was brutal.  I did bring in a few of the angel biscuits for the girls at work and have to say they gobbled them up... then ate the ones I had saved for my friends later that night.  Damn co-workers always stealing my food!!!

Anyway, here's my first craft post on here.  I used to have this really annoying wreath that had a Santa on it.  There was a  motion detector and it would spew out "ho ho ho!!! Meerrrrrrryyy Christmas!!!" even if no one walked by.  Yeah... annoying.  So I saw this beautiful beautiful wreath on Pinterest that had a great picture tutorial.  The thing I love about Pinterest is that all you do is keep on clicking... there is no typing at all to get what you what infirmation-wise.  So after reading the first blog, i kept digging and digging until I found the original post: Matt & Becky

Here's my series of assembly pics:

The arsenal:

After 2 hours:

Completed (3 hours total)
 On my door... awwwww!

Exhausted and have yet another long day tomorrow...  Cheers!

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