Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another day another dollar...

You know... I'm such an emotionally sensitive person.  I never realized how much so until I was living on my own how scary things can get when you have a little person who is relying on you to make everything seem normal in a time when chaos seems to be running rampant.  My friend Kim looked at me one day amid one of my emotional break downs and said... "Does everything always happen to you all at one time?"  It seems like there is always this calm in my life for a period of time, we'll say a few weeks to a month, and then everything gangs up on me all at once.  This week seems to be that week.  It started out great... I mean it's a 4 day week!  It's the beginning of the year. There is no errors on the table as this point, right?  LOL I swear I already need a vacation!  I'll have one shortly enough.  Well a weekend vacation at least.  Knowing me, I'll be 10x more exhausted than when I left!  It will be great to see January though.  It's been almost a year. :)

Okokokok.... enough with the ranting...  on to the crafting!

The only reason I do anything Christmasy in the house is because of Jasmine and this year I really wanted to make her Christmas special since her Dad was not going to be around this year. I had 2 weeks off and a LOAD of time to fill up doing things with her.  So this craft was easy.  I already had all the materials - I love to scrapbook - and as all scrapbookers do, I have an EXTENSIVE ribbon collection.  And all the left over ornaments from the wreath I made, plus a few from the ones we put on the tree provided just the right amount.  Here's what I'm talking about:  The Link Doesn't Work so here's the Pinterest post

Here's how mine turned out:

And here is where I went wrong... The example uses HUGE ornaments (which I didn't have) and I think there are fewer of them.  Plus I need a bow and some pine needle garland.  That make have helped more, but overall... I chalk this one up as a fail.  Jasmine loved it though... so maybe it was a C-.

Seacrest Out!

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