Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve.....

It is Christmas Eve, and all though the house nothing was stirring... Not even a mouse.

The stockings all hung on the wall with care since we live in an apartment with no fireplace to spare.

And.... I'm blocked. Lol

I can not think anymore, my brain I'd fried from thinking up presents to give to people who give me far more.

This year I was fortunate enough to be blessed with some help from the local food pantry. They have a program to help single mothers and the less fortunate at Christmas. Truly a blessing. They arrived with a huge box of food - which wasn't expected. And so many gifts that combined with what little I had already bought jasmine, was far too much. So since her birthday is in February, I held back my purchases and will give her those at that time.

Crazy crazy times.

The Mayan guys were wrong... Lol

This year has been far more trying than I expected.

So since I have some time today, I thought I'd make some rolls. Cookies. Toffee....

Last night I found this:

Link to the link to the blog

And of course, I had to make it.

My version below

Of course I had to add pretzels!!! :)

Enjoy your Christmas! We are going to have a blast!!!!!!

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