Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kidless Cooking - PW Blueberry Lemon Sweet Rolls

I find myself alone tonight and it's been a difficult decision on what to make today. Well... tonight. I've already done crafty things with Jasmine. Assembled a desk. Made lemon sugar hand scrub. BUUUTTT...nothing in the over. I've now boiled it down. Ever heard of Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman? She is a phenomenal chef. If I could emulate anyone - she wold be it. Recently she posted this blueberry/lemon sweet roll. O - M - G. It just looks like heaven in a dish. Her dishes are relatively easy - and this one doesn't look so hard. But let's see what happens. I've had Bourbon - so I can't promise greatness. :)

Here's how it all went down:

Waiting for a boil....

ahhh ha!  that took forever...

add to flour and yeast and sit for an hour.... add more flour, salt, powder, soda, then refrigerate.  We'll see the rest in the morning!! :)

Me... I'm going to go game for a bit. :)

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