Saturday, December 31, 2011

And so it begins...

New year resolutions and my need to blab my life to someone or anyone that will listen is how we are here today.

I am a single mom to a fabulous little 6 year old (almost 7) and am currently addicted to Pinterest and allllll that it entails. I am super crafty, and occasionally a good baker/chef. So here (at least for now) I will be exploiting my trials and tribulations with Pinterest, as well as my life and trails of raising a little girl on my own all while exploring the fabulousness that is the North Tarrant Texas area.

A little background might be good... I was born and raised in California. Four years ago, my then husband and I decided to pack up all our belongings, 2 year old in tow and move out of state in order to have a better life for our daughter. Long story short, I'm now single and living in TX with a fantastic support system of people who have basically taken me and my daughter into their families as their own. Not necessarily the ideal situation that I was hoping for when we made the move...But I'm making the most of the situation and living each day as it comes. People ask me all the time why I don't move back to California... be closer to my family and have some real support. And here's why:

I love the town I live in. Less than 8,000 people. Old country feel - and yet I can drive 5 miles down the road and be in what I call "the fashion island of Texas". The growth in the area is similar to what I used to live in back in California when we first moved there. The class sizes are small, the school district is highly rated, the crime is low, and the value of your dollar goes a long way. The people here though... are what make me stay. I have never felt so easily accepted by people as I have here in Roanoke. You walk into a store and the people talk to you as if they have known you their whole life. I have found a great church (not that they aren't hard to find here) and have started by walk with our Lord. I'm sure this subject will come up more than once as my exploration into all things Bible related are constantly playing in my mind.

I am a pretty low key person - inspired easily - and willing to try anything once. Which is why Pinterest is such a great outlet for me. When I'm not working (I have a full-time job), I am busy doing something... I love crafting with my daughter...and she loves it as much as I do!

Stand by for the excitement to begin!