Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

I can't stop making wreaths

So forever now.... I've had the materials to make this:

The Pinterest Link

It has sat in my craft cabinet for at least a year. I just love the fluffiness of it. I'm soooooooo loving this wreath I think that I'm going to use this every non holiday time and just switch out the bows.
So there's the cast if characters:

Here's what was key to this project. A thick marker type pen to stick in the filter. Not only did it help space out the filters, but it also helped get a good amount of glue on each placement.

So off I go. Sticking filters on a foam wreath. Over and over and over again...

Then I get an ingenious idea. Get the girls involved. Soon I had a fortress:

Here we are after one row...and then I realize....this thing is going to be huge!
And here we are after 3 rows

And 5 rows...almost done!

This is where it got hard. I wasn't sure if I should stop at this point, or add one more row. But being that I don't seem to do anything small...

I flip over the wreath and add another row.

Glad I did.... Looooook at that bit of loveliness!!!!!!!!!!!

Well that took forever to post.  Sorry it's been crazy busy at work. :)

Enjoy and definitely TRY THIS!  In total I used 4 packages of filters and about 4-5 sticks of glue...and worth every penny.